At moment that I decided to print my QSL cards I have made first design. With that design I was looking for an printing company. Somewhere I have read that there was a company in Italy which can make it and is not expensive. I have made first contact with that company. For a long time I got no answer from that company. After approximately two months they came with a proposal on my design with excuse and question if I am still interested. After exchanging of some emails i got no answer again for a long time. That was enough for me. I was looking for another printing company. I found one in Dordrecht (just 20 km from my house). Two days after we have discussed everything, my cards were maked. It has been pressed on 300gr./m2 measured paper with very high resolution, fullcolour and on both sides. I was very satisfied with the result and the price was lower than expected.
Below you can see design of my QSL card.

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